An Update from Barker’s Island Marina on February 1, 2021:

Pent up demand is the story of the coming season in the boating world.  With a bit clearer horizon out there in front of all of us, it’s a good time to start to plan your summer on the lake.  There are no crowds on the Lake, and the sunsets sure beat another night of Netflix.  Block out some time on your calendar and start making lists of boating goals for the coming year, I did and it helped my mood immensely.

We now digitize for Aquatraction Marine Flooring and have the flooring custom cut to be installed by our   service department, and what a great update it is to so many different kinds of boats!  We recently started taking orders and digitizing boats for the coming season and we have ten on the list already.  Call Jake in service to inquire on the Aquatraction Advantage.

Our service department like most others I speak to has been busy with a wide variety of projects.  Four, large new Honda outboards are arriving to repower and refurbish four different vessels.  Hatches, thrusters, air conditioners and refrigeration are all the rage this year as clients spend more time aboard enjoying the warm summer months here on Lake Superior.

Dockage deposits are now over due and we are opening up un-renewed slips for availability.  Please call  immediately if you have not renewed your slip, or you are looking to move to a newly opened spot in the
marina.  Megan and Jordan are handling slip reservations.  Dockage is due in full on April 1st.

Make a romantic gesture and list your boat for sale in the month of February and receive a dozen roses for the sweetheart in your life.  You will need them when you tell that significant other you’ve already bought a bigger boat from John!  The pandemic drove boating wild last summer and there is a high demand to buy boats.   Please call John Hoenig if you have any thoughts on selling or buying.  The market is hot despite the cold weather.

Regional boat listings have been added to our Boat Sales listing area.  See the additional tabs for Regional  Power and Regional Sail which include boats in our region that are for sale.  John can help you make        inquires and get further details if these boats are of interest.

We are pleased to announce the coming arrival of a new 50-ton capacity Marine Travelift boat hoist.  This new machine is taller, longer and has a much higher lifting capacity to allow us to better serve both larger vessels and those with tall structures or rigging.  Being built in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin; the new lift will    arrive in April and be on hand for this Spring Launch season.  Replacing the 35-year-old lift is certainly      exciting for the yard crew at the marina, come and see the new machine when you’re up this spring.

Take care and we will see you soon, only 75 days to our average ice out!