An Update from Barker’s Island Marina on April 1, 2021:

After a stiff West wind, the harbor is free of ice and the marina will be fully ice free by the weekend. Commercial shipping is moving on the lake and our feathered friends: the ducks, geese, and seagulls are also returning. I have seen a few winter covers come off of boats which is a great sign! Docks are a couple weeks out still, as it is too early to have boats at the slips with the variances of extremes in weather we get in early April. 

One of our most asked questions is, “How soon can you launch my boat?” Consider the middle of April the very soonest we can launch boats. Another question is, “When do you need a form back to schedule a launch?” We are able to launch boats quickly and given the varying schedules of our clients there is usually no backlog. Simply let us know when you are ready, at most a couple days ahead of time and we can take care of getting you to the water. However, if you are seeking to be one of the first in, make sure to secure that position via the Service Request form.

Enclosed is both the Service Request form needed to arrange launching, and the Slip Lease needed for securing your slip. Please return the forms to the Ship Store or the Service Office at your earliest chance. We will likely be able to launch boats sooner than we did last year, and given the more optimistic outlook for the summer, that is great news! 

Megan and Jordan have been busy readying the Ship Store with a larger array of fun items. We have also brought some cleaning, waxing, painting and epoxy supplies into the store, as well as some basic sailing items. It is our intent to increase the store inventory as a more convenient stop than the Parts Loft above the Service Building. The literal ‘nuts and bolts’ of marine repair will remain in the Parts Loft and the Service Building. To quote Megan, “If it has to be installed or bolted on, you can find it in the Service Department.”

Brokerage sales have been strong for a year; leaving the inventory of listings low since so many   vessels have changed hands. If you are considering selling, give John a call and let us help get that boat on the market! We have half the listings available for purchase as we did last year, having sold nearly three times as many boats as we normally do. A quick look at the brokerage sheet is a strong reminder of the strength of the market.

· Our hours currently stand Monday through Saturday, 8 am-4:30 pm. The Service Department will be open seven days a week starting April 10th. The Ship Store, weather dependent, will begin opening    Saturdays throughout April. 

· We are once again recycling shrink wrap. Please keep it clean and place it under your boat. We will pick it and the frame up, otherwise you can give us a call and we will remove it.

· The Clubhouse located next to the Ship Store is now allowing reservations for dates.

· Bathrooms on both sides of the Marina are undergoing some light renovations, please pardon our current mess.

One other note: Dockage is now due in full. It is our policy that boats must have their dockage paid in full before they can occupy their slip. If you have yet to pay your remaining dockage, make it a plan to. We accept payments in person via check, credit card, or cash; over the phone via credit card; or in the mail via check.

We are in the last leg of waiting to be back out onto Lake Superior. You can keep up to date with any other news via our Facebook page. Please be clean and safe in the marina; be a good neighbor and use a safe ladder; take care and let’s get ready to go boating!


Eric and all the crew at Barker’s.