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October 1, 2023:

The hillside is a canvas of color thanks to the maples, birch, and sumac trees changing their leaves. The once warm summer breeze has a chill to it, and it seems more windy as of late. Puffy white clouds hang above with accents of deep blues, like bags under the eyes of a tired sky, a summer season over and ready for a winter’s rest. Fall is here! Much like the animals running around and preparing for winter, we too have our own preparations to take care of.

The Gales of October are right around the corner.  While we still have beautiful days to go boating, the daylight is growing shorter and the first bit of frost has made an appearance, so please begin to look at your calendar with an honest respect for our change of season. Our stronger fall breezes always catch at least one bimini or loosely furled sail off guard causing un needed damage, be sure to batten down the hatches a bit more securely this time of year.

The Ship Store is open Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30. Swing by and drop off your fall paperwork.

Now is the time to schedule your Haul-out date, making note of winter services you may require.   Please reach out to the Service Department to make these arrangements.  As later dates fill, we will need to pull unscheduled boats perhaps earlier than you had hoped so please plan accordingly.  The last week of October is likely already booked up.

Marinas on the Duluth side of the Harbor close before October 15th. Barker’s generally hauls boats until the end of October and Knife River the middle of the month.  There is always a rush to be last out so act early to avoid being “tagged out” too soon.

Winter Prep Tips

· Please use non-toxic anti-freeze

· DIY shrink wrap is not permitted

· Sailors: Secure your halyards away from the mast

· Blue tarps rarely last through the first gale or storm.

· No Wooden Ladders of any kind.  Always tie ladders top and bottom for safety.

· Please do not tie boat covers to boat stands; they get yanked out in big winds. 

· Respect the orange cones for no parking. As we are actively placing boats on the hard, they mark where the next boats will be placed.

· If you are not winter storing on the property DO NOT leave your boat or trailer in the parking lot after you have hauled it at the public ramp.

Thank you for another wonderful summer season at the marina! It was great to see so many people enjoy the lake this year and we can’t wait to see what next year brings.


Megan Browne & All the Crew at Barker’s