An Update from Barker’s Island Marina on January 1, 2021:

Happy Holidays from all the staff at Barker’s Island Marina!  A warm thank you goes out to all who call us their home port or shelter from the storm.  Currently there is no snow on the marina property and just a little up on the hill in Duluth.  The fleet is all tucked in, with skim ice in the marina.  The harbor froze over and then blew off again.   The local otters are having a good time playing in and around the open water in the marina.

Brokerage Sales: Nationwide it has been a record-breaking year for brokerage sales and in fact all types of boat sales.  Many new boat brands are already sold out for 2021!  The break neck pace of boat sales was evident here at Barker’s with John Hoenig nearing the 100-boat mark for the year in sales.  Even now, in the “off season”, he has showings, surveys, and deals closing.  Please consider listing your boat this time of year if you are considering a change in your boating situation.  Take advantage of there being more time to quickly get detailed listings prepared and up on our site as well as the multi listing service: Yacht World.  We are the region’s leading brokerage house and are eager to help you whether buying or selling.

Service is humming along, well more like grinding, chopping and banging along!  Three engines are in process of being pulled out of their vessels to allow them to be rebuilt for spring.   A deck is being re-cored and painted.  Davits and swim platforms are being custom built.  The electrical elf is busy with the growing trend of solar power and inverter installation to support vessel demands while away from the dock. Even the clubhouse is being pressed into service as a clean room for varnishing.   A beautiful stack of west coast spruce has become and piece of art in the form of a 16’ wooden boom for a classic sailboat.

Dockage Deposits:  Megan and Jordan are happy to take $750 deposits for 2021 slip  reservations at this time!  Act now to lock in your current slip or inquire on the coveted slip    further away from your brother-in-law…  Slip rates are unchanged from 2020 with the balance due April 1.

Happy Holidays from Eric and all the crew at Barker’s.