An Update from Barker’s Island Marina on November 1, 2020: *Closed 11/26-11/29

The fleet is out of the water and the piers are pulled away from shore, ready for the winter freeze up. After such a nice summer, the quick turn this fall took into freezing temperatures and snow was a wake-up call for what’s just around the corner.

Many ashore and in the slips have asked, “How was the season at Barker’s?” Dockage was down a tad, as we saw roughly a dozen vessels sit out the season for health and travel concerns. New customers coming into the sport created brokerage sales that were off the charts! They helped fill open slips. Dry     storage was up-both for the summer and heading into winter! All of our staff stayed healthy, and for that, we are thankful. We have a number of improvement and repair projects this winter around the facility. Once they begin, we will let you know what we are up to!

With the cold forcing me to reach for another jacket and a second doughnut, I also reached out to a longtime client who literally sailed away some years ago. They are weathering the pandemic in the Central Pacific Ocean; bouncing around the small atolls and islands that make up Polynesia. Since they are unable to go to Australia or New Zealand, they move about the area, roughly the size of Europe, avoiding adverse weather. They plan to head to Alaska and British Columbia next year to touch base with North America for the first time in almost five years! It is bits of news like this that make one dream, plan, research and enjoy our sport. Who among us doesn’t think of boating as their escape from the day to day grind?

One of my proudest points of leading our staff is that the majority of them boat in their free time. They come back to the Marina on nights and weekends to mess with their boats. It says a lot about how    enticing the sirens of our sport can be. I encourage everyone to keep dreaming of the lake, the seas and even of oceans while we go through the dark and cold that winter brings. Speaking of which, winter services and more are available for any and all of your vessel’s needs! We encourage you to reach out to Jake in Service to get your inquiry started. It is never too early to plan your next voyage, why not make sure your vessel is    reliable and ready to go.

Also ready to go – slip deposits are now being taken for the coming season! $750 will hold your       existing slip and confirm your space for the coming season. Dockage rates for 2021 are unchanged from the 2020 season. Dockage is due, in full, on April 1st.

A wholehearted thank you goes out to all of our customers, who made the season possible. It was nice to see familiar faces, albeit from a distance or masked. Stay healthy, stay warm and keep dreaming of the water.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving! –

All Of The Crew At Barker’s Island Marina