An Update from Barker’s Island Marina on August 1, 2020:

What a beautiful summer we are having on Lake Superior.  The water is warm and the fishing has been great, winds have generally been light making for relaxing sailing as well.  Calm Seas and Fair winds all around.  I want to thank everyone coming to the marina for making the effort to get here and enjoy boating.  All of us at Barkers realize the commitment our clients make to carve out time, energy and resources for a sport and lifestyle that while rewarding can be challenging.   I know that I feel fortunate to have this great lake to use and enjoy with my family.

Brokerage Sales this year have been very brisk, our busiest year ever.  Boats of all sizes have been selling quickly.  If you are interested in selling or making a change in your vessel please contact John Hoenig our  broker.  Boats to be sold are in short supply as many look to boating as a great activity, in a socially distanced venue.

Masks are the norm now in public space in Superior and Wisconsin as a whole.  Please wear a face covering when in the restrooms, Ships Store, on the fuel dock, or in the presence of our staff.  Thank you.  Our ability to staff our buildings and service your vessels is in large part because of everyone helping out during this time.  Please note we have closed the Clubhouse space as large groups were gathering.  Laundry is still   available, see the store for a key.

Severe Weather events have been much more frequent recently in the latter half of the season.  Please secure your vessel well with multiple lines and fenders.  Vessels with Biminis should consider stowing them when not on board.  Sailors please secure your furling sails, sheets and halyards well.  Besides the noise the damage to expensive gear can easily be avoided.

Fall Haul Out: Barkers hauls out over 300 boats each year; this takes six weeks to complete.  We will be   completing haul out October 16th.  Boats are hauled nearly every day in September and the first half of  October.  In years past we have allowed fairly late and last-minute scheduling for haul out.  Given the  likelihood of outside disruptions this fall and the dire consequence of leaving vessels in the cold we will be taking requests for haul out dates.   On September 1, those whom have not sent a request will be contacted and their vessel will be assigned a period week for haul out.  Haul out period weeks are first come, first serve.  Once the later dates are spoken for, we will need to schedule vessels earlier.

Haul Out Requests can be sent, emailed or dropped at the Ships Store using our Service Request Form.  The Parts and Service Building remains curbside/pier side service only.
Please email forms to

Let us all hope for a smooth fall,

Thank you to all. And please, take care.

All the crew at Barker’s