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New Year, New Changes

January 7, 2015 6:06 pm | Posted in:

Winter has set in with cold temperatures here at the marina.  We have very little snow on the ground or on the boats at this time.  The marina is fully frozen, the harbor has recently refrozen and the lake is still wide open with some shipping traffic still on the move for a few more weeks.  If the dry cold weather persists in our area I would expect our above average lake levels to drop a bit closer to normal.

The New Year brings some changes to the marina in staffing and it is with some excitement for them and sadness for many of us that we announce the retirement of Joe Radtke and Karen Bertie from Sailboats Inc. – Barker’s Island Marina.  Joe and Karen started here with Jack Culley in 1980 when the marina opened.  Look for them to be sailing more often than in years past and much more relaxed on Fridays.  We wish them well and are grateful for their continuing advice and counsel.

Jim Kelley and Megan Brevak have joined the crew full time.  Jim is behind the scenes heading up bookkeeping and accounting.  Megan is taking care of communications and a myriad of other in house tasks. Look for a full profile on Jim, Megan and the rest of the staff as we fill out our employee profiles on our website over the winter.

Look for us at the Minneapolis and Duluth Boat shows this month, stop by and say hello to John, Dave, Megan or Eric while we spread the word of boating on Lake Superior.

Removal of the original planking, electrical and plumbing on Docks E&F has been completed with shore side electrical work underground also done.  The work is being done while standing on the ice which will likely encourage quick progress later this winter.  Lumber, electrical cables and new power pedestals are expected to arrive later this month with installation in February and March.  We are optimistic that there will be no disruption to the use of the docks this spring.

Dockage deposits of $350 are due at this time; please make arrangements to secure your slip for this spring as we have begun assigning slips to new customers.

“Roger the ice man” is now busy with his sculpture of ice at the northern end of the island.  If it goes according to plan there will be a seventy foot tall ice sculpture there in a few weeks.  We will keep you posted of his progress on Facebook.

My first goal for the coming year is to better appreciate our dockage clients and to improve the amenities the marina provides our customers.  We have proven in the shop that we can do unique and high quality marine service.  It is now time to chart a course towards improved customer service throughout the user experience.  My door is almost always open so feel free to let me know how we are doing.  Looking longingly towards an early Spring…


Eric Thomas

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