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December 7, 2017 8:34 pm | Posted in:

2017, July: Barker’s Island Marina Could Get New Contract, Upgrades

2017 June: Safety Updates Coming to Barker’s Island Marina

2017, May: Docks Filling Up At Barker’s Island Marina

2017, April: Barker’s Island Prepares For Boating Season

2016, August: Barker’s Island Marina docks to be upgraded

2016, May: Boats are Coming Out for the Season

2015, May: You Don’t Need a Boat to Enjoy the Lake’s Marinas and Safe Harbors

2015, April/May:Barker’s Island Marina & Hotel

2013, June/July: Harboring Superior Enjoyment

2013, June: Sailboats Inc. Takes Tourism to Next Level

2012, May: Barker’s Island Advocate Dies

2009, March: Island Jewel Evolves From Dredge Spoils

2007, October: Culley Wins Again in Barker’s Island Battle

2002, July: On Superior’s Waterfront, Jack is the Captain